Music Care Training - Level 1

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Part one of a three-level training programme that prepares caregivers to use music in their care practice with increased confidence and theoretical understanding.

Level 1 will introduce you to basic theory of music care, as well as strategies that can be applied to various settings:

This 2 day course will prepare you to:

  • understand the basic principles of music in care
  • gain confidence using specific music care techniques
  • develop a strategic plan for a music care programme in your practice

Course Code CPD-MCT-L1

Course Leader Nick Cutts and Oli Matthews

Course Description

The University of Nottingham has partnered with the Room 217 Foundation to bring you a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of music’s effect in care spaces and in caring relationships.

This 2 day programme is designed to help you better understand how music can work in a care setting. The Music Care Certificate Level 1 course will:

  • give you tools to use music more freely in your professional and personal life
  • help you develop strategies for using music in your care practice, be it caring for a patient, a family member, or for yourself
  • help you develop an awareness of how music can be used strategically to meet certain caregiving goals
  • provide an opportunity to try techniques of music care
  • help you develop a basic understanding of key musical elements and terminology

Key outcomes

  • Describe the goals of music care and how they can be applied to care settings
  • Discuss the context and impact of music care within a changing health care system
  • Position music care as an approach rather than a scope of practice
  • Adopt the impact of rhythm, melody and timbre in care situations
  • Demonstrate a sensitivity to the impact of sound and music in a care space
  • Show awareness of a range of music care resources and provide examples
  • Apply ten music care strategies
  • Build confidence using the voice as an instrument of care
  • Develop a proposal for a music care initiative in a real-life care setting

Who should attend

The programme has been designed for:

  • health care providers
  • family and volunteer caregivers
  • musicians
  • teachers
  • any community stakeholders who would like to increase their knowledge and practical applications of music in care.

Please note that the training course will run 09:00 - 17:00 both days.